It is the procedure of use of the healing of water in physical treatment. Hydrotherapy is indispensable in all developed rehabilitation programs.

Water with thermos-mineral used in hydrotherapy applications only in our facility in Turkey is a treatment method increasing the exercise capacity and ensuring the development of the muscles and that of the heart and the circulation system due to the fact that it is twelve-fold resistive feature compared to air and with its buoyancy.

In which rehabilitations hydrotherapy is used?

It is extremely effective mainly in disc and neck hernia, in fibromyalgia, in diffuse body pain, in hip and knee pain, in sport injuries, in rehabilitation following the knee and hip surgeries and in neurologic rehabilitation (stroke and paralysis).


Nowadays, In-water exercises have become an important part of the physical treatment. Water decreases the weight of the patient in increasing ratio with respect to the water depth and the buoyancy prevents the loads on the joints and it facilitates the joints to perform the active exercises without forcing.

Water pressure decreases edema and it helps the blood to return to the heart. The viscosity of water provides resistance in all active movements and it helps to strengthen the muscles.

Furthermore, water decreases the risk of injury during the rehabilitation program, it relaxes the muscles and it relieves the patient.

Exercises in different positions can be performed to patients in in-water exercises. Moreover, in-water exercises increases cardiac capacity and balance coordination.


In the treatments performed in our traction pools which are first and unique in Turkey, the patients are taken into the water with thermos-minerals the weights are attached to the feet for the patients for the waist and to the arms of the patients for the neck. By this means, traction procedure is performed with traction tools.

For which disorders Waist-Neck Traction is applied?

  • Cervical disc hernia (Neck hernia)
  • Lumbar disc hernia (Waist hernia)
  • Scoliosis (Curvatures of spine)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck pain
  • Dorsum pain
  • Waist pain
  • Straightening of cervical spine


"Tuzla drinking and spas" 's the modern face of "Istanbul Medical Thermal" Traditional Spas and drinking cure as well as, one used by the modern Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy element is one of the most important plants in Turkey.

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