It takes part among the methods used in the pain treatment. The application is in the form of the stimulation of the nerves being close to the skin surface by means of the electrical signals.

TENS treatment is applied by means of small portable instruments that usually works with batteries.

TENS instruments are extremely safe and it application is based on the stimulation of the nerve tissue being close to the skin surface by means of the electrodes being attached on the skin.


In the use of Interferential currents, low-frequency stimulating currents within the body are administrated without the problem of overcoming skin resistance. Interferential currents lead to ionic changes by influencing directly on the muscles and on the nerves. It stimulates lymphatic system. In the application of vacuum, mechanical stimulus makes massage effect; therefore, low-frequency current and mechanical stimulus increase their effects reciprocally together. Since the interferential currents take place within the body, it is not dangerous for patients. Since the current changes the direction continuously, there is no danger for burns. So, the loss of sense in the skin does not cause any obstacle when compared other currents. The dosage administrated into the deeper tissues is measurable.


Ultrasound is usually known with its use in medical imaging. The ultrasound waves used for imaging purpose is referred as “ultrasonography” or briefly as USG. The ultrasound energy can be utilized for the therapeutic purposes. Ultrasound therapy is one the mostly used treatment method in physical therapy. It reveals heating effect in deeper tissue and it ensures relaxing. At the same time it is used very often in many treatments also through its stimulating effect.


Its therapeutic effect arises by speeding up the lymphatic and venous circulation. Apart from this application, its massage effect has a characteristic of reducing/relieving the pains. It is commonly used in the treatment of pain, varicose and edema.


"Tuzla drinking and spas" 's the modern face of "Istanbul Medical Thermal" Traditional Spas and drinking cure as well as, one used by the modern Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy element is one of the most important plants in Turkey.

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