Covid-19 Information

Dear Guests,

Since the first days of the outbreak, we improved our cleaning and hygiene standarts. We have built our own information network to care the  health of our guests and our team in line with local and international competent authorities. We have keep in touch with our team and guests. Hereby we have sustained our services wihout any problems and we have not close down.

We have implemented many additional Covid-19 hygiene practices at our own initiative according to our observations and experiences in addition to the measures of  Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior.

Once for all nearby the interal inspections, we want to indicate we are the first  foundation in our location that deserved to get ‘ Safe Tourism Certification’ from Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) after formal inspection. Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) that is an  internationally accredited experience and standardisation establishment keeps known and unknown inspections regularly

Check In / Check Out Processing

We kindly ask our guests to park their vehicles themselves on their arrival under the guidance of the responsible concierge.

  • We kindly ask our guests to wear facemask. We serve sterilize an done usage facemask in case of lack. We save the temparatures by using contact-free thermometer  in check/in desk according to social distancing protocol. In the same area we finish registrations by using one usage pens.
  • On your arrival, we deliver your luggage to your room door while adhering to the hygiene rules. Similarly, we take your luggage from your room door and place it in your vehicle at the end of your stay.
  • All devices and materials used by our guests during check-in and check-out are disinfected after each use.
  • We follow the emergency isolation protocols specified during your arrival and stay in case of any guests exhibiting symptoms of the disease are transported to a hospital as per the necessary measures.

Social Distancing Practices

  • Social distancing alerts, modifications and seat plans are audited all around the hotel ( Looby, Spa, Pool area, Health Unite, Garden, Terrace, Staff Areas, Kitchens, Storages, Receiving area ) according to social distancing practices.
  • All of the indoor area are limited for person amount according to Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior.

•             Lift capacities are redifened and visual alerts are places to related areas.

Sanitation Practices

  • Covid-19 virus is similar to flu virüs in recognition of symptoms and infection features and there is not vaccine or anti-viral medicane. The most effected way for blocking the infection is hand sterilisation, stop the contact and keep the social distance
  • All the common areas, rooms, staff areas and food&beverage producing areas are disinfected with hydrogen peroksit silver based material by a Turkish Republic Ministry of Health accredited company before pandemic announce and this practices keeps going regularly.
  • Tables, chair and all similar materials in social areas are disinfected after aech usage.
  • All the surfaces that used frequently by our guests and staff are regularly disinfected by checmical materials and disinfectors.
  • Hand disinfection materials that defined by Ministry of Health are placed and ready to use all around.

Pool Disinfection

  • Pools are being disinfected wiht chlorine frequently.
  • Legionella control, chmical and microbiological quality are being tested and recorded regularly for our pool water.
  • We have revised to get water samples from once a day to three times a day. Hereby we maintain all the tests and controls and records more frequently.

Room Disinfection

  • Cleaning personnel use face masks, gloves, and face shild in each room. Cleaning personnel changes gloves after each room.
  • Frequently using important areas ( Door Handles, AC control unite, safebox switches, phones, remote control, bath materıals, hair dryer, toilot seats ) are disinfected after regular cleaning.
  • All one usage bath materials are disinfected and keep in safe till placed in the room.
  • We ventilate the rooms at least two hours after cleaning.
  • Our guests use disinfected and packaged keycards to open the room doors.


  • Regular and Legionella maintenances are realized for air contition main units. However fresh air filters are frequently cleans or changes.
  • Air contition units are programmed to give %100 percent fresh air. Indoors used air can not be indoors again and again.

Thermal Spa Areas

  • We clean and disinfect Turkish baht and massages areas every single hour without care of usage.
  • Cleaning and disinfection staff uses face masks, gloves, and face shild.
  • Usage time limited for max. 30 minutes for Sauna, Turkish Bath and steam bath. These areas are cleans and disinfects and ventilates for 15 minutes for next guest.

Practices About Our Collegues

  • We take body tempratures and observe general healts are carefully. We practice emergency isolation protocol and sway to related health unite in care of High temparature, flu, cough.
  • Our staff is raised awareness about giving up the hand shake and huges and the most effected way of blocking the contact is keeping the social distance, wearing protective clothes and hand disinfection.
  • Our staff uses facemask, faceshild, gloves, hair restraint and galosh up to their working area according to Ministry of Healths and Offical authorities notices.
  • Seat plans are audited according to social distancing plan in staff areas.
  • Hand disinfection unites are placed inf staff areas and all these areas are audited according to social distancing rules.

Waste Management

  • Our wastes are being separated and disposed according to environmental management system. By the way disposing of covid-19 wastes is specially being awared.

Training Activities

  • We arrange trainings against coronavirus and other usual pandemics symptoms, blocking ways, what to do in case of suspection and emergency case subjects according to Ministry of Health notices and official regulations.
  • Covid-19 Blocking trainings specially are added to our actual training plan due to Ministry of Healths and oter official authorizations advices. Trainings are realized by a accredited company.
  • All brochures and information notes are placed in complex. We share online all the related material to our collegues.
  • Our staff is raised awareness about giving up the hand shake and huges and the most effected way of blocking the contact is keeping the social distance, wearing protective clothes and hand disinfection

Food&Beverage Producing and Serving Areas

  • Menu dimentions are contituted in our restaurants. Your orders will be served by waiters. Waiters use facemask, gloves and faceshilds.
  • Kicthen Staff uses facemask, faceshild, gloves, hair restraint and galosh.
  • We keep going to take replicate sample from each served foods and keep them in sample refrigator for analizing.
  • Breakfast servng is being prepared and pachaged specially for each guest. You would open the package for first time. Breakfast hot foods are being served by waiters according to your call.
  • Ounch, Dinner and other cources are being served as ‘ A-la Carte’ and ‘ Set Menü’
  • We do not use table cloth and cloth napkins we use packaged one usage napkin, salt, paper etc. materials.
  • Fork, spoon, glass, plate etc. equipments that used for service are being washed in high temperature washing machines and sterilized.
  • We set the self servce tea&coffeea machines out of usage temporary. Drinks are would be erved by waiters.

Purchasing & Storage Practices

  • All storage areas are being disinfected Daily and temperatures and humudity rates are being recorded.
  • Temperatures  of suppliers are taked with a contact free thermometer before the entrance. In case of high temporature they are not accepted to complex. Also all the suppliers have to wear facemask.

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